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Sélestat: Home of the Christmas Tree

Selestat Christmas Tree

Looking for the perfect Sapin de Noël (Christmas tree)? Then ask someone in Sélestat, the home of the Christmas tree. After all, anyone in the Alsatian village situated between Strasbourg and Colmar should know since the town holds the first recorded mention of a Christmas tree. Sélestat: Home of the Christmas Tree Don’t believe me? […]

The Streets of Strasbourg’s Christmas Market

Nothing says “Ooh” and “Aah” like the streets of Strasbourg’s Christmas Market (Marche de Nöel). They illuminations are opulent, grand, sometimes over-the-top, but no matter your taste, you’ll go gaga over the holiday light bling-bling display as you travel by foot from one part of the town to another. Strasbourg Christmas Market Decorations Strasbourg, the […]