Small Beer Tents at Munich’s Oktoberfest (Part 1)

There are a whopping 34 Oktoberfest beer tents to choose from; 14 large ones and even more small ones. I always recommend the smaller ones to first time visitors even though the international crowd tends flock to the larger ones and get wallowed up.

Oktoberfest Small Beer Tents Map

The list and details are long, so this post is a two-part series highlighting the small beer tents at Munich’s Oktoberfest in alphabetical order. Read it fast, because you’ll need to learn how to book a table at Munich’s Oktoberfest.

Able’s Kalbs-Kuchl
This cute tent looks like a large Bavarian mountain hut and specializes in veal and lots of it. Able’s Kalbs-Kuchl serves dishes such as Kalbsbraten (roast veal), Kalbstafelspitz (boiled veal), and other items too. The has a warm cozy atmosphere and definitely a place to show off your Tracht (traditional Bavarian clothes such as a Dirndl or Lederhosen).

Able’s Kalbs-Kuchl is located directly opposite the largest Oktoberfest tent Schottenhamel and is in front and to the left of the Braeurosl (See letter K on Oktoberfest small tent map).

Ammer Hühner & Entenbraterei

In 1885, poultry dealer Joseph Ammer was given permission to construct his small booth at Oktoberfest, creating the world’s first chicken roaster. I would definitely opt for the lip-smacking Bio-roasted chicken (you can order it light, medium, or dark) and  the roasted duck is very delicious too.

You’ll find Ammer opposite Hofbraeu near the middle of Wirtsbudenstrasse (See letter M on Oktoberfest small tent map).

Bodo’s Café Tent
If you love strudel, you’ll love Bodo’s who offer variations of the treat in sweet and savory forms. During the day it’s rather calm but in the evenings the party gets going as visitors switch from coffee to exotic drinks at the cocktail bar.

Bodo’s is located on Strasse 2 near the Ochsenbraterei tent (See letter N on Oktoberfest small tent map).

  • Seats: 450
  • Beer: No beer, only wine, cocktails, and Champagne.
  • Music: Jailhouse
  • Website:

Zur Bratwurst
The cut timbered  house specializes in roasted brats grilled over a wood fire. Grab a brat and an Augustiner beer which is served from a wooden cask. It gets busy outside the tent since they offer street sales of their savory brats.

To find Zur Bratwurst, look for the timbered house on the corner Matthias-Pschorr-Strasse and Schaustellerstrasse (See letter G on Oktoberfest small tent map).

  • Seats: 170 inside (2 levels)/Outside 40
  • Beer: Augustiner
  • Music: Original Fremdgaenger
  • Website:

Cafe Kaiserschmarrn

This is another tent for sweet lovers and looks like a ‘Candyland’ game board and also resembles the fairytale Bavarian castle of Ludwig II, Neuschwanstein. The sweet decorated tent holds a daily commemoration of the occasion of the first Oktoberfest–the wedding of Ludwig I and Therese of Saxony. You can watch live as Kaiserschmarrn (light and fluffy fried chopped pancakes served with caramelized raisins and chopped almonds, topped with whip cream) is prepared in gigantic iron-pan.

Cafe Kaiserschmarrn is on Matthias-Pschorr-Strasse, not too far from the Weinzelt (See letter P on Oktoberfest small tent map).

  • Seats: 370
  • Beer: No beer, only coffee, wine, Champagne, and cocktails.
  • Music: BLIND DATE, Magic Sound
  • Website:

Cafe Mohrenkopf

The specialty of the tent is Mohrenkopf, a small, chocolate-glazed cream-cake. The coffee in this tent comes from one of Germany’s renowned coffee-specialists, Dallmayr. If you should suddenly tire of beer, inside there’s also cocktail bar where you can order Champagne, XXL cocktails and long drinks. They have their own bakery, so try the fresh pretzels.

Cafe Mohrenkopf is located just off Strasse 3, behind the Braeurosl tent (See letter Q on Oktoberfest small tent map).

Feisingers Ka’s und Weinstubn

This is a great place if you are visiting Oktoberfest with a mixed group of beer and wine drinkers because they offer both. The specialty of the house in this unique dish called Raclette, which is melted cheese served on bread or potatoes with spicy extras such as, pickled cucumber and onions. The tent is relatively unknown and often has last minute openings since they don’t give away reservations for more than half of their seats in the tent.

Feisingers Kas und Weinstub’n is located in front of the popular Winzerer Faehndl tent (See letter H on Oktoberfest small tent map).

  • Seats: 92 inside/90 outside
  • Beer: Franziskaner Weißbier, and wine
  • Music: Yes, they have it!
  • Website:

Now that you know about half of the small beer tents at Munich’s Oktoberfest, check out the remaining ones and don’t forget, there 14 large Oktoberfest beer tents. For more information visit the Oktoberfest site.