Must Have Travel Items

I’m getting ready for another trip and as usual never know which clothes to bring until the last minute while waiting for the updated weather forecast. This trip will be to the TBEX conference in Athens, Greece and one thing is for sure, I’m not going without my must have travel items.

Packing for any trip can be daunting, especially since excess baggage fees have skyrocketed. Not to mention, carrying around heavy bulky bags simply puts a damper on my holiday. While visiting a new city or country can be exciting and fun, I still like some of my favorite items to keep me in my comfort zone.

There are ten must have travel items that are always ready for my next trip—for me they’re in my carry-on bag. Here’s the list of my must-bring travel items:

Comfortable shoes
I love heels, but let’s face it airports and train stations are full of long hallways and not built for high heel wearing travelers. I also love comfort, so keeping my feet happy and looking good shouldn’t come at a price and it didn’t with my new Skechers. I’m going to test the new shoes which are supposed to really comfortable. Will let you know after I walk to the Acropolis to see the Parthenon. Does this mean I’m giving up wearing heels on vacation? No, way! I’ll still pack a pair of heels and take a taxi for a night out on the town in Athens at Placa.

Pretty Scarf
Let’s face it, we do like to look our best on vacation, but can’t always pack everything we need to look chic and fashionable. Pack a scarf to provide a versatile look, warm your neck, cover your legs or shoulders in sacred buildings, or shield you from light showers. Scarves expand your wardrobe options and liven up your wardrobe with a flash of color or pattern and most importantly don’t take up much space in your suitcase.

Stretch Jeans
I don’t necessarily like jeans as travel pants because I require more movement due to DVF (Deep vein thrombosis) issues. I do highly recommend jeans with stretch to provide comfort and to keep them from sagging at the knees. Dark colored jean hide food and drink mishaps, can be dressed up or down, are durable, versatile, and comfortable. Lastly, ditch the zip off pants and wear nice jeans so you won’t look so much like a tourist.

Yes, it’s costly to phone overseas, but why would you unless there’s an emergency? Before I travel, I make sure to turn off cellular data and use Wi-Fi exclusively. If phone usage is a must inquire with your provider about international calling plans. The beauty of the Smartphone it’s no longer about telephoning. These days a Smartphone is awesome camera that holds my music, contains an alarm clock, books, travel documents, notes, and more. Once back at the local accommodation I take full advantage of free Wi-Fi to tweet and chat with family and friends.

Swiss Army Knife
So many young lads dreamed of receiving their first pocket tool knife from dad or grandpa. The handy gadget is not just used by soldiers or trekkers anymore. As a former Girl Scout, I find plenty of uses for my practical Swiss Army Knife which replaces the need for lots of tools. I use mine to open my suitcase without breaking my nails, chop onions, slice off a piece of cheese, or even open a bottle of chilled wine. Don’t forget to check it in with your luggage or TSA may confiscate it.

Travel Adapter
When I first moved to Germany, I bought a cheap set of adapter strips and after a few years of international travel they no longer worked. During the old days, I had multiple devices to charge so I needed multiple adapters. A few years ago I invested in and am loving my SKROSS World Travel Adapter PRO+USB another fine example of Swiss form, function, and design. With two USB ports I can charge multiple devices. Not only is it small, but offers a safe power connections in over 150 countries.

Homeopathic Travel Kit
Many years ago on a trip to Portugal, I fell ill. It wasn’t so bad that I needed to visit a doctor or hospital, I just required over-the-counter medication to get me through the discomfort. Unfortunately we were outside of the city and I didn’t bring a travel kit, so I endured minor suffering throughout the night. So when I found a small Homeopathic travel kit in London, I was elated. For me, it provides small portions of the basic remedies against colds, stress, and the occasional bad meal. Mine contains globules so I don’t have any liquid hassles with TSA.

Wipes & Moist Towelettes
When you need a refreshing pic-me-up in transit or to kill germs on tables, doorknobs, tabletops, hotel bathrooms, and other public places, a wet towel will do the trick. I carry sanitizing wet towels and also ones to wipe away make-up while moisturizing my skin. The mall size makes it easy to stuff them in a free space of your luggage.

Fragrance Atomizer
Scaling down on excessive luggage used to mean I had to leave my favorite fragrance behind or bring a bunch of sample fragrances no one ever purchases. Now I have carry an atomizer by Travalo. It’s a genius invention I wish I had thought of. You simply remove the spray cap on most fragrance bottles & pump on the nozzle to fill.

Tote Bag
I’ve been attempting to travel with only a carry on bag and tote bag, which holds my small purse and other items and so far, it’s working for me. A tote is easy to handle, can be worn on the shoulders or even as a back pack too, and mine can be folded to about half the size of an iPad. A tote bag is great for market shopping, holding travel devices or anything you quickly need to get to while traveling. Best of all, near the end of your vacation it can be stuffed with gifts and souvenirs. Whether it’s a bio-cotton tote or an elegant tote (I’ve had my Longchamp Le Pliage tote for over 10 years) you’ll find they offer multi-purpose solutions when traveling.

These small must have travel items really do make a big difference for me when traveling. Tell me, what are your favorite travel items and why?