Introduction to Glamping at Feather Down Farms

I’ll admit, the closer I got to the glamping experience, the more doubtful I became. I just wasn’t sure I was the glamping type. Was I ready to leave the comforts of home for a few days of pure wilderness? Could I really manage the glamping experience at Feather Down Farms?

glamping tent

© Feather Down Farm, tent exterior

First of all, before I tell you what happened, let me explain the glamping concept. It offers the perfect way to combine a short or long break in the comfort of a furnished tent, tree house, mountain side, or other unique sheltered area within an environmentally friendly surrounding. You leave the comforts of home; in my case I left floor heating, WiFi, and electricity for a chance to experience life in and around a dairy farm.

So why go glamping? You see, on a glamping vacation such as Feather Down Farms, you’ll have some of the comforts of home such as a stove, toilet, running water, and most importantly an elevated tent to keep you shielded from water. These comforts quickly became important because the weather forecast for our weekend in Holland was cold, wet, and windy. And guess what? The weather was colder, wetter, and windier than forecast, but I was still determined to embrace the experience.

The Prep

I love to plan vacations and I have a tendency to plan them to death. For weeks I read info about glamping, camping, and living in the wilderness. I meticulously began to collect information and place items required for such a vacation in the corner of my office. The list grew and the corn quickly became full of bags, boxes, and more.

glampoing running water

© Feather Down Farm

All-in-all, I was ready and the Feather Down Farms information pack gave great advice on what to bring such as Wellies (rubber boots), a flashlight, clothes for the weather, and something to entertain you (just in case). Nonetheless, like any good former Girl Scout, I was prepared for the worse and felt I needed to bring everything but not the kitchen sink because there’s one in the tent.

The Introduction

Our Feather Down Farm hosts in Holland; Thea and Wouter were true gems and the happiest farmers I have ever seen. We received hearty greetings Thea began to inform us about the farm and its history which dates back to 1859. She told us that Wouter happily provides farm tours complete with a milking experience too.

Dutch straw thatched house

©, Dutch thatched roof house

The first and in my opinion most important part of the induction was the Honesty Shop; a sort of general store where you grab what you need, note it down, and pay later. In addition to basics such as vegetables, dairy products, and candles, you can sign-up for some of the farm’s special treats and services such as brick oven pizzas on Saturdays. The best tip from our hostess Thea was to place an order for a hot pot of coffee, fresh milk, and bread from the local bakery for the following morning’s breakfast. Until you get the hang of getting the stove going, I highly recommend ordering these extras!

Insider Tip #1

Know your limits! If you require a pot of coffee to get up the energy to say “Hello” in the morning, I recommend if your farm offers it, order that pot of coffee. It’s cold in the morning and I wasn’t in the mood to wait for the fire to get going, the water to boil, the beans to be ground, and the coffee to brew. Get where I’m going here? We took the advice of your host and ordered a carafe of coffee, fresh milk, and sweet breakfast rolls. This gave us a chance to sit in front of the fire sipping our java while waiting for the stove to heat up.

glamoing oven

© Feather Down Farm

During the next phase of the initiation, we were told to grab a cart and then were guided to a barn where the fresh smell of hay encircled the air and where two beautiful new born calves were waiting to be fed. I held my hand out to touch them and the feisty little ones were a bit disappointed I didn’t have food for them, but still seized the pampering session nonetheless.

At this time I knew this would very interesting, so you’ll just have to read the next post to read about my glamping experience.